CDM Reviews

Your CDM is at the core of your facility’s financial livelihood. If it’s not in good order, your facility could face serious financial and compliance issues.

HRS can help.After thoroughly examining your CDM, we’ll identify ways to minimize your errors and maximize your revenue.

Your CDM may not be clean, posing potential problems when the switchover to ICD-10 occurs.

Because it’s so much more detailed, ICD-10 is going to drive many more financial analyses and reporting than ICD-9. That means you stand to lose much more if your CDM isn’t in good shape.

We’ll clean up your CDM, optimizing your finances.

Our team of auditors will review and retool your CDM. When we’re through, your descriptions, CPT codes and prices will match up with your line charges. And everything you can charge for in a CDM will be in your CDM.

We can also take a deep dive into your database and uncover the root cause of your CDM-related financial problems. If your cost-to-charge ratio is skewed, or your costs and charges seem out of sync, we’ll find out why—and then make recommendations on how you can best fix the problem.

Make sure you have a healthy CDM. Contact HRS online or call us at 800-329-0373.