Radiology Coding Claim Audits

Getting the reimbursement you’ve earned relies on the administrative chain of documentation and coding claims playing out just right. But the reality is, in this high-volume specialty, that doesn’t always happen.

Take advantage of our years of experience auditing radiology practices and fine tuning coding processes for optimal results.

Quick, accurate coding isn’t always easy in a fast-paced radiology environment

Let’s face it: coding radiology procedures can be tough, for reasons ranging from the high volume of procedures to the multiple departments involved in charge capture and coding.

With a radiology coding claim audit, HRS can help boost your coding turnaround time—and reimbursement.

We will study your workflow, and the people and technology powering it. Then we will provide detailed reports of our review findings, recommendations for improvement, and ongoing education for coders and medical staff.

Our team of professionals will check your radiology coding and claims data for errors and assist you in understanding how those errors are happening. You may be forgoing higher reimbursements because of incomplete clinical documentation and inaccurate coding. We will provide detailed reports of our review findings and recommendations for improvement.

HRS coding claim audits cover many aspects of the coding side of your business, including compliance, coding quality, clinical documentation and medical necessity. Our review will give you a true sense of how accurate and efficient your processes are; if needed, we can also provide ongoing education for your coders and medical staff.

We perform coding claim audits for all types of practices and all types of health record coding, including:

  • Audit findings by DRG, APC, OIG, and individual coder or providers.
  • Compliance reports to identify areas for improvements in coding and documentation.
  • Customized reports for better analysis and data validation.

Understand your radiology coding processes inside and out. Contact HRS online or call us at 800-329-0373.