Strategic Consulting

CAC Software Analysis

Computer-assisted coding (CAC) is a powerful tool. But which computer-assisted coding product is right for you? HRS can help you decide.

Change Management Consulting

The business of health care is rapidly evolving. HRS will provide your hospital the change management support it needs to work through a transition successfully.

Chargemaster (CDM) Reviews

If your chargemaster is not in good order, your hospital could face serious financial and compliance issues. HRS can help.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Ensuring your documentation processes are excellent and your clinicians are properly trained can be challenging. Working with HRS, you can improve your clinical documentation.

HIM Operations Evaluation

HRS can provide an outside perspective—shaped by years of experience—on your HIM operations.

HIM Strategic Planning

HRS has the historical perspective to predict where the dominoes will fall in healthcare.

Workflow Analysis

An HRS workflow analysis of your organization’s coding operations will help pinpoint problematic processes.