Coding Audit Services for Western Hospital

Hospital improves coding through HRS audit

  • Reduced under-coding
  • Increased revenue capture
  • Improved coding accuracy

Radiology coding is a breadwinner for the hospital. If you don’t code correctly, you don’t get paid, and that leads to missed revenue opportunities.
– Director of Diagnostic Imaging

For acute care hospitals, radiology coding is an important source of revenue. A 300-bed acute care hospital in the western U.S. had an efficient coding process, but wanted assurance it was being done correctly.

The hospital engaged HRS to audit radiology coding for compliance and missed revenue opportunities. Steps included an initial consultation, coding audit, training, education and follow-up.

HRS took a comprehensive view of radiology coding at the facility.The hospital was pleased to learn from HRS that the hospital’s coding accuracy was as much as 15 percent better than the industry standard. However, HRS found numerous instances of under-coding and missed revenue opportunities.

As a result of their audit, HRS presented specific under-coding scenarios. HRS then conducted education sessions to improve documentation, coding practices and reimbursement. The organization now codes more accurately and is capturing revenue they were missing out on.

“HRS used data to validate many of my suspicions, then set our organization on a path toward greater success and coding accuracy,” said the director of diagnostic imaging.